Tattoo Artist

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Contact Phone Number


Regular holiday

Always Open (Closed New Year holidays and during events)

Open hours

Open: 10:00 am

You are also welcome to visit us for consultation only.
Consultation is free of charge.

Support tattoo on outside of business hours(reservation required)


12,000 yen/60min 

The number of colors to be used does not affect the charge.
Colors faint due to several factors in rare cases.
-We suggest that you handle your own aftercare in order to get a fine tattoo.



The following person cannot get a tattoo at our studio.

Minors under the age 19
Pregnant woman
Drug intoxicated person
HIV carrier
Hepatitis B carrier
Hepatitis C carrier
Person with cardiac disease
Person in poor health

※We may not take orders in cases we determine that tattooing is inappropriate.



1.Confirm a booking
First of all thank you for confirmation of availability by telephone.

Make a booking by phone to hold a meeting for designs and other details at our studio. Bring rough ideas and we will help you with our various samples and materials including magazines and Flash content.

3.Make a booking
We will take a deposit of 10,000 yen when you make a booking at the end of meeting. This deposit will be deducted from the bill when you have a tattoo.

Tattoo on the day
We give priority to booking, but will give a tattoo on the day if a tattoo artist is available. Inquire by phone for details.

Make sure to bring your identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or health insurance card.
-We ask to send the copy of identification by FAX or E-Mail after the consultation over the phone if living in the distance.



Be sure to inform us by phone before your appointment time in case of cancellation.
-Cancellation by e-mail is not accepted.

If you cancel reservation there will be a cancellation fee involved.
cancellation fee is 10,000 yen

Hygiene Management

Tattoo needles, inks, ink caps, gloves, etc. are all disposable.
Tattoo autoclave sterilizer and ultrasonic cleaning bath at our studio

We store our equipment after we sterilize and encapsulate with a sterilized packet.

We take countermeasures throughly for hygiene management of bacteria infected with virus such as HIV, MRSA, HBV, HCV, and coliform bacillus, and other kind of bacteria including disease-producing bacteria.